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The Automobile Museum of Málaga (MAM) offers a scheduling with free activities for Easter.

Workshops will be on March 26th, 27th and 28th from 10 am to 14:30 pm. Stakeholders can be registered all the days or in single days, because the program will be different every day. Previous submit workshops required at gate or calling to 951 137 001. Submit till complete capacity.

The workshops are free and they are aimed to children between 8 and 12 years. These workshops constitute a line of work for these children to close them to the culture, History and High Couture. With these activities we want to potentiate attitudes, capacities and abilities improving the development of the child in his/her most artistic and creative area.

Dates and timetable of activities:

March 26th: “Build and play with your paper puppet”

This activity enables the concepts comprehension and gives the possibility to tackle different topics. It is tool that makes easier the social integration, because helps users to express their feelings, to improve their language and to enrich their vocabulary and to increase their creativity or imagination.

The paper theatre world and the making of articulate paper character will be known. From assemblage, creativity and knowledge of every participant, we will bring to life to a sensitive character.

March 27th: “Wallet is Fashion”

Art is an essential tool for development and growth of the person. To embody the culture in art is the only way to represent our time today to keep it in perpetuity.

Children submitted in the workshop will have to use the mind and imagination on point, two strong tools for investigating dresses at creative workshop of high couture. Developing fashion objects very useful today with recycled materials.

March 28th: “Quiz”

This activity is based on a guided visit through the 13 rooms of the Automobile and Fashion Museum. In these rooms children will appreciate the richness and the historical value of every piece of art and their evolution from 19th century to 21st centtury.

After visiting, participants will play to answer questions from different topics, as for example, environment, road traffic, collection details or topics related to Museum.

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